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Company started commercial production in September, 2013. Since then the Company has added several systematically related shops over the years. Atlas Hitec is now manufacturing ACG, CDI and Regulator for Honda motorcycles. Products are being manufactured locally under strict quality control standards.

Alternate Current Generator (ACG)

The purpose of ACG is to generate power for lighting circuit, battery charging circuit and Ignition circuit of system of motorcycle. The Rotor of ACG is also served as Flywheel for Engine and also support to generate pulses for CDI.

Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)

The purpose of CDI is to control ignition timing by input pulsar signal received form ACG. It takes power from ACG and internal capacitor discharges energy into primary winding Ignition Coil at right time according to the ignition timing.

Regulator Rectifier

Regulator Rectifier converts Alternating Current into Direct Current. Technically this operation is known as Rectification. Second function of Regulator Rectifier is to stabilize the voltage to avoid head lamp over voltage and Battery overcharging.
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