Atlas Way

Atlas Systems

Management by Objectives (MBO) to align activities towards agreed company goals.
Implementing 7S vision (Strategy, Structure, System, Style, Staff, Skills and Shared values) for the company.
Inducting and retaining competent and skilled staff – right man for the right job.
Using BCG model for strategic direction.
Creating values through implementations of internal controls (SOPs and policy manuals).
Management development to produce performers, organization builders and strategists.
Active participation in management meetings for continuous performance improvements.
Ensuring accuracy and control of information / data through efficient MIS. Judicious sharing of profitability between employee bonuses, dividend payout and profit retention.

Atlas Culture

Corporate Governance.
Respect, Recognition and Reward.
Value of Time.
Recruitment and career advancement based on integrity, merit, experience and skills.
Education and Training of staff and descendants.
Self Reliance.
Leading by example.
Humility and Excellence.
Living within one’s means, saving for the future and donating for good cause.
To be happy and healthy.
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